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Building together helps you

We are literally building out in the open in this Slack group. Post screenshots, get instant feedback, improve daily!

We have also partnered with MakerLog!

With Makerlog + Maker's Kitchen, you can start tracking your development progress while having a huge community to rely on for support.

Here are some of the channels we have..


Image Credits: Gifer


In this channel, makers post their product screenshots or ideas and get UI/UX or user flow related feedback from other makers. Design is the finishing touch to your product!


Image Credits: AnchorPoint


In this channel, makers post their tech related problems. Stuck with a coding problem? Need some technical assistance from makers of difference disciplines? This is the slack channel for it. It's like Stackoverflow; but realtime.


Image Credits: Sebastian Drab


In this channel, makers test products built by other makers. It's super easy to find the initial alpha/beta testers in here

It's free. Come join us and ship together